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Before you book your visit, you might want to take a look at the Migration Calendar, check with us regarding the current migration’s location – as this is a rough estimated migration’s location, based on current & previous year’s migration pattern. The reason why it is important to consider this calendar is simple: the migration...


“Cultural Tourism is beneficial to everyone…. the tourists get unforgettable and unique experience while the local people generate income that improves their standard of living….” Various local communities run their own cultural programmes and welcomes visitors to their homes, bringing income directly to local community while giving local people an opportunity to showcase their way...


The walks are guided and normally accompanied by an armed ranger. A walking safari is an excellent break from game drives, where visitors will learn some fascinating facts about nature, birds, reptiles, insects and medicinal uses of local plants, which you may not fully appreciate from the seat of your safari car. While the scents...


You can explore the natural dramas of the Serengeti in our state of the art 4×4 vehicles during morning, evening or full day game drives. Our excellent guides will help you pick out the action, but also the perfect secluded spot should you want to take a break during a day trip for a romantic...

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