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Before you book your visit, you might want to take a look at the Migration Calendar, check with us regarding the current migration’s location – as this is a rough estimated migration’s location, based on current & previous year’s migration pattern.

The reason why it is important to consider this calendar is simple: the migration consists of herds of wildebeest & zebras, gazelles, elands moving in a similar pattern (from Tanzania to Kenya, back to Tanzania) every year.

What we have witnessed is that other animals, such as the Big Cats, also follow the herds as well. If you’re keen to see “game” (e.g. Lions or cheetahs hunting on zebras and wildebeest during)

December, January, February, March up to April middles

Calving – Calving peak is on second week of February throughout March

Late April to May

At  Serengeti Central enrooting to West Serengeti

May to June

At Serengeti  West crossing Grumeti river

Late June, July

At northern Serengeti Crossing Mara River to Kenya side

August, October

They stay in Kenya

Late October, November

Upper northern part of the ecosystem become just too dry to accommodate the massive number of grunting gnus, start to cross back the Mara River to their breeding ground Southern part  of the ecosystem which is starting to get green.


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Migration Calendar

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