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llkurot is situated about 20 km west of Arusha tow
The folowing is on offer under this programme:

  1. A  visit to a Maasai  boma to see the traditional  houses and lifestyle of the Maasai
  2. A  visit to a Maasai  holy  tree  where the Maasai offer  sacrifices as  part  of  rituals.
  3. A  traditional the locals prepared  by  Maasai  ladies. Delicacies  include “nyama choma” or barbequed meat,green vegetables,herbal tea, coffee, fresh milk, cassava, sweet potato, bread, eggs  and  fruits.
  4. A  five-day safari, during  which  you  can hire a camel or donkey  to view animals -girraffe, zebra, rabbit, hyena, Thomson’s  gazelle  and  dik dik- and  birds and watch the Maasai graze their  cattlein  the  scenic  pastures.
  5. Watching  Maasai  dances, groups  of artisans  and their  handcrafts, traditional  healers  and bee-keepers
  6. A  visit  to  the Kilimamoto  crater, Ngorora  hill, waterfalls, valleys and Mt.Meru
  7. Getting  familiar  with  swahili and  Maasai  terminology
  8. Talks  with  local  society  members
  9. A  visit  to a Maasai women’s handicraft  group  that  makes  ornaments  from  beads  and  natural  products.

Tours at Ilkurot can be divided into three excursion categories:

1. Half  day  walking  tour
2. Full  day  walking  tour
3. Three  or  five day  walking safari
The  visitor can choose any of the above options

(Note: Those wishing  to  stay  overnight  need  to bring  or  hire  camping  equipment)

Where to stay

Our visitors have a good chance to stay in Arusha town and pay a day visit to our Maasai village  locate just 25kms North-West of Arusha along Arusha-Nairobi highway. Camping ground installed with necessary facilities is available. Arrangements for camping and hiring equipments and various activities of your interest will be organized by Local Tour Guides or coordination office. An option for staying in a Maasai boma for overnight can be smoothly organized for you.

Tour Guide

The Local Guides are of the Maasai tribe and  wears traditional Maasai clothes. Our guides speak English and knows well the Maasai culture.

Various excursions and tours can be booked through Tanzania Tourist Board-Tourist Information Office in
Arusha or through your tour operator/travel agent/lodge & Hotel Operator

Getting there: 

Our visitors can board a minibus (with yellow side line) to Ngaramtoni and then take another minibus going to Oldony sambu where you will get off at Sitau and the sign board will direct you to our office. You can also get other buses going to Namanga (Tanzania-Kenya Border) and get off at Sitau as well. Our guides can pick you at Tanzania Tourist Board –Tourist Information Centre in Arusha town


The  tour  to  the  extensive  plains  around  longido  mountains, 80 km north  of Arusha, features  an  insight  into  the traditions of  Maasai  culture. The  lush  area  is  home  to  rare birds  and  animals.

The tour includes:

  1. A nature trail to spot birds
  2. A climb to the impressive Longido mountain through a dense natural forest
  3. Walking safari through the Maasai plains and over the slopes of Longido mountain
  4. A visit to a traditional Maasai village
  5. A tour of historical sites dating back to British colonial times

Tour options:
Half day tour

Longido  is  rich  in  birdlife.  Some  of  the  birds  seen  in  this  area starling  Major,  Red and Yellow Barbet,  Masked Weaver,  Silver Bill  and  Secretary  Bird. A  birdwalk  through  the Maasai  plains  starting  from  the town  of  Longido  to  the bomas  of  OI  Tepesi  allows  you  to see  birds  as  well  as trees  and  plants  used  by  the  locals  to  make  food  and  medicines. Later, visit  a  Maasai  boma  to see the  Maasai  lifestyle.

Full day Tour

Add  to  th e birdwalk,  a walking  safari  from  OI  Tepesi  to  Kimokouwa  along  a  cattle  trail . Gradually  climb  to  an  altitude  of  1,600m  to  get  panoramic  views  of  Mt.Kilimanjaro  and Mt. Meru.  Descend  to  Kimokouwa’s  green  “vallley  of  wells” and  nearby  historic  British  grave. On Wednesdays, you can extend your stay by visiting the bustling and colourful cattle market.

A  new  attraction  is a four day trekking trip -from Longido to the Big Rock and  Kitumbeine, on to  lake Natron.

Longido mountain climb

Day 1

Walk  to  the  campsite  of  Kimokouwa  and   go  for  the  full  day  tour.

Day 2

Early  next  morning , follow  narrow  footpaths  through  dense  natural  forests  for  three  hours to  reach  the  beautiful  ‘dawa  ya  supu’ or  medicine  soup  viewpoint. Another t wo  hours’  climb   leads  you  to  the  top  of  Longido  mountain  to  enjoy  fantastic  views  of  the other mountains  of   northern  Tanzania.  The descent  back  to  the campsite takes about  three hours. Finish  with  a  meal  with  the  FARAJA  women’s  group.

 Where to stay

A good number of guest house is currently available within and around the town of Longido. Many more are in pipeline. Camping ground installed with modern toilet facilities is available. Arrangements for camping and hiring equipments and various activities of your interest will be organized by Local Tour Guides or coordination office. An option for staying in a Maasai boma for overnight can be smoothly organized. There are options for several days’ tour in the Maasai land and a long climb of Mount Longido for those doing exercise before trying to conquer the ‘Roof of Africa’ Mount Kilimanjaro.  Fly camping will be the best option.

Tour Guides:

The Local Guides are of the Maasai tribe and will guide you well in English and where necessary sign language will be used. They have good experience in guiding tourists in the area and deep cultural insight.

Various excursions and tours can be booked through Tanzania Tourist Board-Tourist Information Office in Arusha or through your tour operator/travel agent/lodge & Hotel Operator

Getting there:

Longido is located about 80kms North of Arusha town. Its an hour drive via Arusha Nairobi high way. From the main bus stand in Arusha catch a bus or shared taxi leaving for Namanga and get off at Longido


Situated on the north side of Mount Meru, not far from the
irrigated fields of Ngarenanyuki and the Molela gate of Arusha
National Park, Mkuru Camel Camp is easily recognizable from a
distance because of the pyramid shaped Ol Doinyo Landaree
mountain. A Maasai dominated region, there are traditional
bomas scattered throughout and one gets to see the Maasai way of life.
The area around the camp is alive with birs and small mammals, and zebra
and giraffe in the plains to the north, which is also a corridor for elephants.

 The following is on offer:

  1. Baboon cave safari
  2. Climbing Ol Doinyo Landaree
  3. Visit to a traditional healer
  4. A walk to Mguru, an archeological place

Different tours can be organised:

Camel safaris
Camel safaris ranging from one to six days can be arranged.

Mount Kilimanjaro safari
3 days / 2 nights from Mkuru to Ngare Nairobi.
This is an excellent trekking experirnce to the ‘Roof of Africa’ with Maasai guides through the elephant corridor and beautiful landscape rich in flora and fauna.

Mount Longido camel safari
3 days/ 2 nights from Mkuru to Longido
This is a short but intense adventure through the plains below Mt. Meru where the Maasai steppe becomes wild. You come across several plains game and birds.

 Oldonyo Lengai safari 

5 days/4 nights from Kitumbaine to Oldonyo Lengai
This includes the adventure of riding a camel, sleeping in the bush and knowing the real Maasai culture. Reach Ngorongoro through the plains between Gelai and Kitumbaine mountains, which are full of wildlife. In the evenings, relax by the campfire, listening to the sounds of the savannah.

 Lake Natron safari 

7 days/ 6 nights from Mkuru to Lake Natron
Pass the mountains of Kitumbaine and Gelai towards Lake Natron, which is full of flamingos. The Oldonyo Lengai will be the orientation point for the last 3 days of the safari. The animals, Maasai and dream landscapes make this safari a memorable experience.

(For those with limited time, a camel safari of 1 night/ 2 days can be organised on request)

 Where to stay

Mkuru Camel Camp offers camping facilities that are included in specified package rates. A tented camp at Mkuru has 7 big permanent tents that can accommodate up to 20 pax. Meals are prepared by the camp staff who can also accompany the tourists on flying camp safari of several days. Internet facilities are available just nearby the camp It is recommended to book a visit to Mkuru through Tanzania Tourist Board-Tourist Information Centre in Arusha town or through your tour operator. You can also inform Mkuru in advance about your arrival or book your visit directly through our website

Tour Guides

The Local Guides were born and raised in the area and will guide you in English. They have good experience in guiding tourists in the area. Their bush navigation skills are outstanding

Getting there

Mkuru is located about 55kms North of Arusha town. Its a 40 minutes drive via Arusha-Nairobi high way where after 45 kms on a tarmac road one will find a sign post just past Oldonyo sambu Maasai market and turn right on a rough road to the camp. From the main bus stand in Arusha catch a bus or shared taxi leaving for Namanga and get off at Oldonyo sambu, our staff will pick you there

Mto wa Mbu

Mto wa Mbu  is situated on the way to the national parks in northern Tanzania,
just at the foot of Rift Valley. Located on the way to Ngorongoro and Serengeti,
it is an ideal resting place for most safari travelers.

  A visit to Mto wa Mbu includes:

  1. A walk to through the farms in the green oasis at he foot of the Rift Valley
  2. A climb to Balaa Hill from where you can see the whole town
  3. A view into the culture of many different tribes living in the area
  4. A trip to the Miweleni Lake and waterfall
  5. Visits to development projects that aim at improving agriculture and start income generating activities for the farmers
  6. Explanation about the irrigation system

 Different tours are in offer:

Climbing Balaa Hill (3-6 hours)

Climb to the top of the Rift Valley wall for breath-taking views of Lake Manyara, the village of Mto wa Mbu, and the Maasai Steppe beyond. Also, see a diverse array of local bird species and magnificent 2,000 year old baobab trees.

 Maasai Boma tour (3- 4hours)

Visit a Maasai boma and see the lifestyle of this legendary tribe up-close. Along with a guided tour of the boma and an introduction to the local Maasai population, tribesmen will offer to paint traditional Maasai tattoos for visitors and even let them milk their prized cows.

Maasai Market tour (2-4)

Hundred of Maasai gather  each Thursday afternoon at the bustling Maasai market, where visitors have the chance to see their crafts and taste their food, including the famous Maasai BBQ. A larger, village-wide market occurs on the 22nd of each month.

Village walk (2-4 hours)

Get an inside look at the homes and exquisite crafts of Mto wa Mbu’s many tribes. Visitors will get a chance to meet locals and learn about banana beer, Makonde woodcarvings, and the tribal painting techniques; the village provides a great introduction to everyday life inAfrica.

Farm tour (1-4 hours)
See the innovative farming practices of Mto wa Mbu villagers and learn about the irrigation system that sustains local crops, including the 32 varieties of bananas.

Miwaleni Waterfall and Lake tour (3-5 hours)

Bike or hike to this impressive lake and waterfall, both lined with thriving papyrus plants. At night, leopards and hippos frequent the area, but during the day, visitors can swim in the refreshing pool beneath the falls.

Biking to Lake Manyara (2-5 hours)

Bike to the coast of one of the Africa’s most Majestic lakes and get an amazing opportunity to view wildlife like zebras, giraffes, hippos and water buffaloes at close range in this corridor of migration between the national parks.

Mountain bikes can be rented at the office.

Lunch at Moma’s (1-2 hours)

Enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal in a local Moma’s home. Over lunch, the guide will provide a history of region and many local tribes.

Bookings and arrangements for the excursions can be made at the Tanzania Tourist Board – Tourist Information Centre in Arusha or at our office in the Red Banana Cafe located in the center of town. Arrangements for any other tour can be made by your guide.

In and around Mto wa Mbu there is a wide range of guest houses, hotels and lodges. The guides of the Mto wa Mbu Cultural Tourism Enterprises can help in making arrangements for the homestays local or camping in the village. Mountain bikes can be rented at the office. You will love our rates for hiring bikes.


In close proximity to the picturesque slopes of Mt.Meru, Tengeru is 13 km from Arusha town along the Arusha-Moshi/Dar es Salaam road.

The following is on offer:

  1. A glimpse of Meru culture
  2. A visit to local farms owned and managed by members of the Patandi Women’s Group
  3. A guided tour to the legendary Chief’s compound to see his handicrafts and artifacts, followed by a hiking tour up Mt.Meru
  4. A visit to families with disabled children in the village to exchange and share experiences
  5. Interaction with specific women’s/youth village groups to exchange ideas on family planning and HIV/AIDS
  6. An introduction to Village Environmental Conservation Initiative (VECI)
  7. Attending the church service on Sunday
  8. A taste of locally prepared coffee and learn about the bio-gas plant
  9. Entertainment by local theatre works around a bonfire

Visit to a local primary school (2 hours)

Visit any of the three primary schools in the vicinity. One is a normal primary school, the second a special school for the handicapped and the third a teaching practice school. Meet the children and participate in their activities.

Patandi Bush tour (3 hours)

Visit the Patandi village and the homes of the villagers. See the farms, cattle rearing and coffee-making process.

Lake Duluti tour (4 hours)

Walk to Lake Duluti, a caldera lake, and learn about the historical background and mysteries associated with it. A boat ride can be organized or enjoy watching the flora that abounds in the area.

Visit to an African herbalist (half day)

Meet Dr. Maretu, an old man in his late seventies who has been treating people for over 20 years.

River Malala eco tour (half day)

Take a nature walk along the river bank to enjoy scenery, birds, flowers and trees.

Shimbumbu Hill nature expedition (full day)

Walk through banana and coffee plantations and after crossing the river Malala, ascend to the top of Shimbumbu Hill and to the Msese caves.

Kimundo excursion (3 days)

Visit an African chiefdom, Khum Springs and the Maasai-Kwavi point near River Malala.Hear the stories connected with these sites. Enjoy the Mangalia waterfalls and go on to pay tribute to two young missionaries at a nearby graveyard. Later, go hiking up the majestic Mt. Meru.


Enjoy local singing, dancing and poetry of the Meru culture around a bonfire at night.

Shopping:Join the locals in their evening shopping and buy yourself a souvenir.

Tour Guides:

The Local Guides of Tengeru Cultural Tourism Programme are of the Meru tribe who knows well the area, their culture & history. They have deep knowledge & skills of outdoor tour guiding. They are Coffee farmers and offer our visitors a great coffee tour experience. The Local guides are fluent in English and some in French.

Where to stay:
A wide range of guest houses, houses, hotels and lodges of international standards is available in the town of Arusha and Tengeru suburb. Camping ground installed with Moderm facilities is available. Arrangements for your camping equipments hiring and various activities of your interest will be organized by your Local Tour Guide or coordination office. If interested in canoeing in Lake Duluti, our guides will organize this for you soon after arrival. An option for home-stays for several days can be smoothly organized to make explore Meru’s culture at great exten. Outstanding customer service and provision of fresh food ever is our custom.

Getting there:
Tengeru Cultural Tourism Programme is located 15 kms East of Arusha town.Our visitors can board a minibus (with green side line) or other buses going to Moshi and get off at Tengeru (Bus station) where the signboard of Tengeru CT Programme is located) . Some minibuses (daladala) will take you to our office (with extra charges) in Tengeru on earlier arrangements.

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