For accommodation, we have different options to offer our guests, depending on their preferred style of traveling. Please find the different categories of accommodation we offer our clients in the National Parks, Zanzibar, and in & around Arusha!
Olakira Camp







AS THE GREAT Migration makes its way across the expansive Serengeti plains, so the luxury seasonal Olakira
Camp follows. In the early part of the year, Olakira is perfectly situated to witness the calving of wildebeest. In the dryer months the camp moves to the Northern Serengeti to have a front row seat for when the big herds move north. Under canvas and intimate, Olakira Camp captures the essence of classic mobile tented safaris, reminiscent of safaris in the old days.

Taasa Lodge,

Taasa Lodge, located on the northern edge of the Serengeti in Tanzania, is nestled on a ridge within a private concession . Far away from the crowds of tourists. LODGE. Luxury comforts with sweeping views of the Lobo Valley. WILDLIFE. Private game drives far away from the crowds. EXPERIENCES.Serengeti Bushtops


Serengeti Bushtops is located in the extreme north of the Serengeti in northern Tanzania.
This high specification camp has twelve very large and luxurious tented rooms, which can take two adults and two children and also features a private dining and lounge areas, spa tub and 24 hour butler service.
Central areas are comparatively modest, created in the same light wood and canvas finish. A complementary massage service is also offered.
Activities are centred on game-drives in this wonderful area, which should be particularly productive July to October when the migration should be in the greater area.


lemala-serengeti-camp mara
Remote Northern Serengeti along the Mara River

Lemala Mara is the ultimate seasonal camp in Serengeti, within touching distance of the Mara River and set under large Euclea trees in the heart of the best game viewing area of the Northern Serengeti. Here, in this immense remote wilderness, almost double the size of the Masai Mara, guests can enjoy fabulous landscapes and terrific game viewing with practically no crowds. Resident wildlife numbers are exceptionally high, with prides of lion up to 30 strong, but nothing compared to when the migration starts arriving from June onwards. The area then turns into a wildlife paradise par excellence. Through June, July and August the wildebeest continue moving through the area, crossing and re-crossing the Mara River before heading north towards the Masai Mara. Several large herds remain behind and weather changes could easily bring the vast herds flooding back into the area from the Mara. Migration and predator action lasts up to the end of October, assuring this area’s reputation as one of the finest wildlife areas in Africa.

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